08/25/2018 Singapore

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ENDO Blockchain Protocol successfully completed Tokensale! All the recent times our team has worked extremely productively and from this day, together with you, we made a next big step along the ENDO Protocol development.

Our applications are at the final stage of production and we even go ahead of the road map. It’s all made possible thanks to you, guys, to everyone who supported us, as well as those who doubted us, because you left us with no way to lose.

The news are getting hotter day by day and a new partnerships and the launch of pilot integrations won’t take long to be announced.

Friends, we want to remind you that ENDO is the cutting-edge, safe and reliable Blockchain protocol, made for managing dataflows.

Over the next year we plan to grow two times and, first of all, we will develop our staff departments, recruit new experienced developers and salesmen. Also we will create a full-fledged distribution network and begin to implement our product at the international level.

For our contributors and token holders it’s time to proceed with KYC, the procedure for verifying an individual. After this the ENDO Tokens will be transferred directly to your wallet.

We always set the new highs and always reach them.

Are you coming with us?

Together we will create a verified future!

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✅ENDO Blockchain: https://explorer.endo.im
✅ENDO Social: https://endo.link
✅ENDO Blog: https://blog.endo.im
✅Facebook: https://fb.me/endoprotocol
✅Telegram: https://t.me/endo_en
✅YouTube http://yt.vu/+endoprotocol
✅Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/endo_protocol/

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