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The largest aircarrier in Canada, Air Canada, announced its intention to participate in the program to decentralize flight control on the basis of the Blockchain platform. The platform was developed for eliminating the difficulties that currently present in the operational processes of the most aircarriers, as well as to stimulate tech innovations for selling air tickets.

The carrier’s management is confident that the barriers that currently exist in the flight distribution ecosystem create conditions under which the emergence of new market participants or system innovations become impossible.

Blockchain, a fully decentralized open source platform, that enables decentralized apps to operate within the network, can revolutionize flight management.

“Air Canada recognizes the importance of DLT. We plan to Integrate Air Canada’s Direct Connect API with public blockchain platform, giving blockchain-savvy users the ability to access our content directly from the source”.

ENDO Protocol would definitely come in handy here. Due to the development of a line of five branded apps, some of which are already available for downloading, users’ access to airline services can be even easier. Some applications might be used by customers, others are by the carrier employees. The interaction can be established both within the framework of private or public Blockchain.

Aircarrier will also definitely appreciate the ENDO Protocol SDK, which allows to code new apps and extensions that will later operate within the ENDO ecosystem, use the internal ENDO token and all other system features. SDK contains all neсessary libraries, so the devs could concentrate on coding the business logic.

It is enough to try Blockchain once to make sure that it provides undeniable advantages over centralized networks. Due to the verification system and smart contracts, the supply chain and the company’s internal workflow can be managed the most convenient way. Delivery of counterfeit parts will forever become a thing of the past.

Due to the general streamlining and harmonizing of all processes, aircarrier will be able to increase the regular flight load and at the same time reduce the ticket price for the clients.

Join the ENDO Protocol, the convenient and fast Blockchain platform of the future!

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