89 Stories by ENDO Team

Blockchain as the perfect solution for digital cars

Today cars not only connect to every possible network, but also exchange data and able to fully monitor all systems’ operations. Unfortunately, this leads...
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A quick way to become an artwork expert

This month in London at the Dadiani Fine Art exhibition will be held a historic blockchain auction with the main lot – Andy Warhol’s...
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Archives to preserve history, not dust

Archives are commonly associated with boring, routine activities. Until recently there were endless rows with shelves, now there’s endless files and folders. Sorting out...
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Millions of goods in one blockchain

Walmart and Carrefour are already using blockchain. And that’s why. The food and drink sector is one of the main areas, that needs to...
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Money in blockchain are not only cryptocurrencies

How to implement China’s check tokenization system in the whole world. China is known for fighting corruption and fraud. Recently the Chinese authorities decided...
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Blockchain will bring medicine to the new level

Today many hospitals and clinics around the globe work the same way as many years ago. There are few innovative services like the database...
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Forward to the future: a meeting with Porsche representatives

What do you associate Porsche with? A luxurious life, speedy races? We associate Porsche with high-end technologies. Did you know that race tracks and...
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ENDO Blockchain protocol and the protection of your information

“1.5 million passports were declared invalid because of a technical malfunction in the Interior Ministry system” (RIA Novosti). Such news only assures us of...
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How Blockchain can put an end to fraud in CRE

Real estate is a market worth trillions of dollars, which is one of the main reasons why fraud in this industry is a common occurrence....
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