Blockchain as a guarantee of quality medicine and drugs authenticity

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The drug industry is called upon to help people. Unfortunately, it often turns out the opposite way. For example, today it is still impossible to track the drug production and a patient can’t be sure in the meds’ authenticity. Even the certificate does not save the situation, because it is so easy to forge.

Another problem concerns medical records, as well as hospitals’ and polyclinics’ services. Nowadays the clinical records are being stored in electronic databases of medical institutions. But there’s no way for the patient to check what happens to his data: it can be lost or, even worse, sold to producers of some dietary supplements, after that the patient will get a tons of “unique advertising offers”.

The third problem appears when a patient travels abroad. His clinical records remain at home and if a situation occurs that will require urgent medical intervention, doctors would need to learn about contraindications from the patient’s words. But what if he’s unconscious?

Add to this the problems with getting a drug prescription or dealing with insurance companies, that never want to pay, and you can understand that the vital medical sphere deeply lags behind from the simplest quality standards.

All these problems will remain in the past forever, if medical and drug production areas will see the implementation of ENDO Blockchain protocol.

It will be possible to monitor the meds turnover from the very production to the time when it appears on a drustore’s shelf. A manufacturer needs only to apply a QR code to the package and synchronize it on the Blockchain, that will store data reliably without a possibility to rewrite it or to somehow modificate. This functionality can be even expanded by adding control over special categories of drugs that ships to hospitals, helping to prevent the illegal sale. And the patient will be able to know for sure whether there is a medicine he needs, who the manufacturer is and what is the shelf life.

ENDO also makes it possible to create a Blockchain medical records, that will keep all the results of analyzes and treatments, fixed strictly on time. Only the patient and his doctor will have an access to this information. Pleasant bonuses of this system will be the lack of queues in hospitals and the complete safety of the data on vaccinations. Blockchain medical records will also open a way for analyzing the proficiency of a doctors or nurses, choosing an individual treatment plan or compiling statistics on any health field.

Unauthorized access to the medical history will become impossible, unless the patient himself wants to sell his information to drug manufacturers or research companies. The access can be exchanged for internal ENDO tokens or discounts on medical procedures or drugs.

Insurance companies will stop torturing the clients. There will be no need to collect a bunch of certificates and signatures to prove the insurance case while the payments will take significantly less time. All the interaction with these companies will be automated thanks to smart contracts. As soon as the system receives a verified message about the insurance case from the doctor, the smart contract will automatically make a payment.

The principles of hospital treatment will change: treatment plans, medicines dosages, info on the prescribed procedures will be fixed in the Blockchain and, if necessary, available for a patient in any medical institution. This will help to cope with corruption, because the decentralized principle of ENDO won’t allow to hide the fact of violation or a low-quality medical care.

ENDO can save a lot of money for patients and the budgets of the Ministry of Health. It will enable the exchange of experience between doctors for the treatment of heavy patients, while all the legislative innovations will be instantly reflected in the news compilations for medical workers.

In total, Blockchain will increase the efficiency of medical services and help people live longer.

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