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Residents of the Western Virgin Islands were offered to use Blockchain-based mobile voting application. At the moment, only citizens, who live abroad, can use it.

Some of them has already used the Blockchain on March elections. The results of the experiment for selected group of residents were considered successful. The company, which financed the development of the voting app, claimed that the elections attracted more voters than usual.

Unfortunately, today Blockchain voting is available only for individual countries and regions, but in the future it will definitely become widespread throughout the world. After all, it is not only convenient, quick and doesn’t require unnecessary moves, but also extremely important for maintaining the legitimacy of the elections. This is particularly true for the countries where elections are often conducted with violations and fraud.

ENDO Protocol is able to provide full technical base for the implementation of the elections on Blockchain. To do this, it is enough to write a simple mobile app, which, thanks to the ENDO’s Software Development Kit, can be made in the shortest time possible. After downloading the app, the voter will need to go through the KYC procedure and log into the system. After that he will be able to make his legal choice.

The Blockchain elections guarantee the absence of fraud and total accuracy. No fake people will be allowed to vote, as they won’t be able to pass the KYC procedure. The voices will be counted by the machine, not by the members of the election committees.

This is one of the primary needs of any society and one of the most useful applications of the decentralized technology.

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