Blockchain Food Production: a steady quality and no expenses

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Recently, the largest Dutch supermarket network announced an implementation of Blockchain for managing transparent production of orange juice. Now the product itself will be able to provide customers with comprehensive information about its own source and production. Having scanned the QR code on the package, the buyer will be able to track the whole supply chain from the farm to the factory and then to the supermarket.

The system will store data on the grade, growing conditions, as well as the harvesting time and flavor parameters, including the intensity of the sweetness. In the future, it is planned to introduce a farm evaluation system using the “Like2Farmer” option.

The Blockchain technology is gaining momentum in the entire world food industry. In June, the government of the South Indian state of Kerala announced that it will use a decentralized ledger for the supply chains of dairy products, vegetables and fish. In the same month, Microsoft entered into a partnership to develop its own platform for tracking the products and ensuring transparency in production. Another well-known company, IBM, has developed a system to reduce food waste and environmental pollution.

ENDO Protocol offers a complex solution that is able to replace all existing analogues. The supply chain, based of our ecosystem and managed by five ready-made applications, can control every aspect of the production process.

The process can be divided into five stages:

1. ENDO KYC. This application can identify and verify the supplier of primary products. It also allows to evaluate the goods and to form a rating of the best suppliers;

2. ENDO Base. This one can help to record and store data on all the production stages, ensuring transparency in adherence to technical quality standards;

3. ENDO Documents. Basing on this app, the verification and exchange of documents, accompanying the purchase and sale of products, can be managed; The docs can be stored both in private or in public Blockchain protocol;

4. ENDO Workflow. Will help to track and synchronize logistics and all related costs, allowing one to increase the speed of delivery and create a unified information environment for all participants, engaged in the process;

5. Finally, ENDO Legacy. This application can be distributed free of charge through the appstores and allow buyers to verify products scanning QR code directly in the store or at home.

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