Blockchain on Government service: a uniting solution

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IT giant IBM will help to implement Blockchain into public services of Azerbaijan’s government. According to the director of the department of information technologies, the ruling circles of the country are especially interested in using Blockchain for two areas:

“The first initiative is the digital transformation. It will be implemented within a five-year plan, which aims to meet the requirements and needs of the country’s economy and banking sector. The second is the development of a digital identification system. We are working together on this with ten commercial banks and fifteen public structures”, – said the official.

It is true that Blockchain brings a lot of advantages for the banking sector and can be used for a variety of needs. These include remote opening of a bank account, accelerated loans and credits, non-cash payments and even new opportunities for developers.

But why go to IBM when there is ENDO Protocol? The infrastructure of our blockchain protocol allows to provide a full range of public services, ensuring transparency and legality in the area, while carrying out any operations quickly and with minimal fees.

The implementation of the ENDO Protocol will open a new era for any company, especially for the public services.

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