Blockchain-Powered Smart Tickets: More Than Just a Ticket

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Ticketmaster, a large ticket operator, began to issue smart tickets using Blockchain. Now this company can have more control over ticket distribution and also be calm about counterfeits – there will be none.

Each ticket is assigned with a barcode, which is stored in a decentralized network in an encrypted form. Using Blockchain allows sharing the data with managers working at events. They will be able to find out who the former owner of the ticket is, if it was sold, and who is using it now.

Integrated tracking provides additional marketing opportunities. Smart tickets themselves can also display digital ads, track clicks and record purchases. And fans who want to buy a merchandise will be able to do it directly with a smart ticket.

This system is also possible on the basis of the ENDO Protocol, a fast and functional Blockchain protocol, which is designed to work with documents and has ready-made applications for tracking and verifying QR codes, – ENDO Legacy.

Using our products, ticket sellers and concert organizers will be able to verify tickets using a regular smartphone. All information will be instantly checked within the decentralized network.

ENDO Protocol can also become an effective tool against resellers, limiting the possibility of tickets resale. Thus, situations where tickets sold are more than actual seats at an event will be gone forever.

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