Blockchain Web Servers: a new stage in the evolution of Internet

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Indian tech giant Dell EMC Technologies with a revenue of $5,1 billion only in Q2 of 2018, plans to keep the leadership in the market by implementing Blockchain solutions into its products, starting with the server hardware. The key features that the company intends to push forward in the new models are Blockchain, data analytics and cloud-compliance.

Manish Gupta, CEO of Dell EMC India, stated the following:

“The clients that we work with are looking to tap these technologies, which is why we are bringing in servers that allows them to optimise on traditional workloads (…)”

According to him, the greatest demand for these innovations comes from the areas of IT, banking, finance, insurance and government.

However, in order to apply Blockchain-based solutions into the technical devices, it need an appropriate software, the infrastructure, and, of course, a user interface. All this can be implemented on the basis of ENDO Protocol, a powerful and functional Blockchain-protocol that offers ready-made software solutions for organizations that operate a large number of data. The very companies from the areas listed above.

Partnering with ENDO Protocol, the manufacturer can deliver not just a hardware for Blockchain, but a new type of hardware with pre-installed cloud-compliant software for KYC, Workflow and all the other Blockchain solutions. We also develop Software Development Kit, the library of ready-made components, that anyone can use to create new programs and apps on the base of ENDO Protocol.

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