Blockchain will bring medicine to the new level

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Today many hospitals and clinics around the globe work the same way as many years ago. There are few innovative services like the database of policies’ owners or appointment records. At the same time, one has to stand in queue to get his paper card, usually just to find out that it has been lost again.

ENDO has a solution for medical organizations that will ease the processes and transfer it to the literally new level. Imagine that you have a digital analogue of a medical card that only you and your doctor can access. The records of the visits, the results of the analyzes and treatments are updated in real time, always synchronized and available.

If you come to a new doctor, he can find out your blood type and chronic diseases in a few seconds. No need to do any more repeated tests! This will save your time and help you recover much faster.

Effective interaction with insurance companies is extremely important for medical institutions. Smart contracts will allow them to get rid of a bunch of documents and approvals: the money will be transferred to the hospital account in an automatic mode after the patient got the service.

Drug manufacturers and pharmacies will hardly work without blockchain after trying it for one time, because the technology will ensure that each drug reaches its patient, while the grey drug sales schemes will disappear.

For the hospitals and clinics using ENDO Blockchain will result in a much more efficient work at lower costs. The patients will see the benefits like strength and nerves-keeping, that appear as the very first step towards recovery.

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