Car Mileage on Blockchain: used cars for fair prices

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BMW auto giant will use Blockchain platform to track the mileage of rented cars. It is reported that drivers will be able to earn tokens directly in the Blockchain, that can be used for paying for various services. Terms of remuneration are fixed in smart contracts. In particular, such a term will be transmitting information on the mileage to the Blockchain. This way BMW wants to encourage drivers to indicate the number of kilometers traveled for more efficient resale of cars in the future.

Ultimately, “the task is to create a common reward system that will allow you to earn tokens and spend them in the BMW ecosystem,” said the representative of auto concern.

ENDO Protocol can serve as an excellent platform for organizing such a system. Its capabilities are not limited to information storage only. Basing on our ecosystem it is also possible to o
rganize a market where verified and trustworthy users would sell cars or spare parts at fair prices.
There are plenty of opportunities for the apps developers also. Convenient SDK allows to create new products and solutions based on the open source ENDO code in a matter of weeks. The result can be stored and launched in a decentralized ENDO network and serviced by the infrastructure of the system itself.

The team has developed a lineup of the five most needed applications that greatly simplify the use of the ENDO Protocol. They will provide convenient and uninterrupted communication with and among users across the globe, allowing everyone manage their data with a couple of clicks.

Our Blockchain protocol works under most efficient DPoS consensus algorithm and can handle up to 65,000 transactions per second. The multi-layered architecture provides autonomous operation of the constituent parts of the platform – data, smart contracts, dApps etc.

The verified future is brought to you by END Protocol!

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