China’s Main Online Newspaper To Open Blockchain Platform

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The official mouthpiece of the Chinese Communist Party, the largest online media called People’s Daily Online, has signed a strategic partnership agreement with a decentralized platform. Under the terms of the agreement, the newspaper and the platform will create a Blockchain lab and space for technological innovations based on the People Capital Research Institute.

In addition to researching the application of decentralized technology, partners will also create a “high-level platform for industrial services.” They intend to organize contests, seminars, as well as promote promising startups from the Blockchain area.

This brilliant initiative will allow the online media to offer readers and employees new opportunities for participation in the project.

The ENDO Protocol is able to organize a similar solution. Using the our apps, one can simplify the management and participation in such projects for newcomers. A huge advantage of ENDO Protocol is the ability to effectively resist censorship due to the immutable structure of the decentralized network itself. Verified articles or any other data are distributed across all nodes and stored in thousands of copies, which excludes the possibility of their substitution.

The organization of such an initiative requires a platform that works under reliable consensus algorithms and high scaling. ENDO Protocol uses one of the most advanced algorithms – DPoS and is capable of processing 65 thousand transactions per second, which makes it competitive in any Blockchain market.

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