Coca-Cola x ENDO Protocol: first steps for partnership

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While our main team is located in Seoul, attending Blockchain Week, another part of our team went to an equally interesting event – on meeting with the director of the Coca-Cola Novosibirsk and the head of its PR department. Top-managers of large companies have a huge interest in Blockchain and Coca-Cola is not an exception. By the way, The Coca-Cola factory is really gigantic – it provides drinks to the whole region of Siberia! That’s where ENDO Protocol can show its full capabilities.

We saw a keen interest in our project and tried to explain everything in details on how the Blockchain can transform the Coca-Cola’s paperflow: what will change, what can be abandoned forever and what will appear. We also talked about other areas where Blockchain can simplify work and communication processes. The leaders of Coca Cola Siberia agreed, that our partnership has the prospects, so we can say that the first steps have been made.

We have the most pleasant impressions of our meeting and we are sure that our partnership with Coca-Cola only begins!

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