ENDO Legacy can put an end to the iPhone fraud

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A dodgy scheme for stealing valuable components from iPhones was created and exploited for many years in China. The fraudsters bought or stole the iPhones, removed out all the expensive components – processors, screens, chips, – and replaced them with fake ones. Then criminals claimed for warranty repair, telling that the model they bought was defective.

The scheme worked for five years and cost Apple billions of dollars. It is estimated that up to 60% of warranty repairs in China and Hong Kong were fraudulent!

Thanks to Blockchain, today there is a solution that can completely protect the manufacturer from this and similar schemes. The solution is to apply a small NFC chip on every valuable part of the phone. It is enough to scan the chip by ENDO Legacy app to quickly define the authenticity of the part.

The chip contains the key for the data block, stored in the ENDO distributed network. If the key matches, the application immediately shows the info on item in the Blockchain. Any attempt to make a fake chip won’t lead to any results, as this will only destroy the connection.

ENDO Legacy will also help to track the entire path of the item from the factory to the store, organizing a transparent supply chain. It will be possible to see where and when the part was manufactured, when it was used for assembling the phone, and how long was it shipping.

Having implemented ENDO’s solution in production, the manufacturer can be sure that his products are sold in original form and composition. Meanwhile fraudsters will have to switch on stealing products that haven’t yet implemented the ENDO Legacy solution.

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