ENDO Protocol evolves by our large and friendly team every day!

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Despite the fact that our product is ready, our development department continues to create new possibilities to make ENDO Protocol a true industry leader. Recently our coders began to implement Hyperledger, a technology that can significantly expand the capabilities of our protocol for interaction with other Blockchain networks.

Meanwhile, the community department supports our customers around the world, negotiating with new potential partners and investors, including large, well-known companies. They hold meetings where they discuss joint cooperations and successfully find the common ground. Many clients and partner come up on their own. They show huge interest in ENDO Protocol and this is the best proof, that we’re doing the important job.

Our head Yan Palmachinsky with his team visits the Blockchain conferences around the world and represents ENDO Protocol at the international level. Everywhere he is met as an important guest, interviewed, photographed. He and his team have already visited Tokyo, Hong Kong, and now they came to Seoul for the second time to participate in Seoul Blockchain Week.

We are moving forward and invite you to join us.

Follow our updates, because we have something to surprise you with!?

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