ENDO Protocol now partners with Civic

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We are happy to inform you that ENDO Protocol starts a close collaboration with Civic! This is indeed a very important partnership for us, because it concerns the development of one of the main areas of our activity, KYC, and brings a bunch of a brand new opportunities for the ENDO Protocol and our customers.

The Civic platform is a decentralized network that provides personal verification and security services. Civic operates throughout Europe and has its own technology that allows to use biometrical data on a mobile device for multi-factor authentication, without any additional means.

Civic will become one of the ENDO Protocol’s verifiers, and our customers will get strong protection for all of their data. Additionally, they will be able to verify and get verified in Civic services across whole Europe and many other countries around the world.

The partnership with Civic will allow ENDO Protocol to multiply our clients, expand databases, increase brand awareness and, of course, enhance security.

ENDO Protocol is moving forward towards verified future!

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