ENDO Protocol successfully completes September tasks and is looking for new partners

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With each passing month ENDO Protocol achieves its goals and reveals its potential. Here is our September report.

Our ENDO Legacy app is already available for downloading in the App Store. This is a ready-made blockchain-based business solution, aimed to help manufacturing companies to fight the market of counterfeit goods. The solution is simple: a QR code or an NFC chip places on the packaging, tag or on the subject itself. The code connects to a record in the Blockchain at the production stage. This way the buyer or reseller just needs to scan the code with ENDO Legacy to make sure that the product is original.

Here are just some of the markets, which ENDO Legacy is able to completely free of counterfeits:
– Fashion industry, including footwear, clothing and accessories
– Pharmaceutical products, drugs and dietary supplements
– Cosmetics and perfumery
– Alcohol and food
– Components and spare parts for bicycles, scooters, cars, motorcycles, snowmobiles, helicopters, airplanes
– Works of art

The ENDO Legacy is also indispensable for luxury goods industry. For example, the manufacturer of luxury watches Hublot has recently created a unique chronograph inspired by Bitcoin. The model is called Blockchain and is produced in a very limited edition – only 210 pieces. Each chronograph has its own individual number, can be purchased only for cryptocurrency, and the fact of every purchase fixes in the Blockchain. However, these precautions are still not enough to prevent the appearance of counterfeits. Hublot can add the ability to verify the individual number of every chronograph with ENDO Legacy – this way a buyer will have no doubts in the authenticity of the product.

Additionally, this September we completed the verification of our token holders. Now that all the formalities have been met, and the KYC procedure has been successfully completed, we can proceed to the main stage – the distribution of tokens. Within the next month we will send each of our investors ENDO Tokens to their MEW wallets.

The number of ENDO Protocol integrations is also growing every month. We became partners of many business projects and organizations. You will learn about several large collaborations from the media in the near future. In the meantime, we continue to develop our partner network and today we want you to help us.
It’s all quite simple: you represent the ENDO Protocol to a company, which we can potentially partner with. ENDO Protocol makes them an offer and, if the partnership takes place, we guarantee to pay you out 10% of the contract amount.

Most of us have worked or continue to work in companies with the operational processes, that are far from perfect. The very companies, that could really benefit from implementing the Blockchain: organize better interaction between branches, easily exchange any documents or simply store the verified data in a more convenient manner. Perhaps, you already have an idea who you can introduce us to? For all the questions and suggestions, write us:
@pipercat, @nanciematyo, @barkhanoy

The digital future is here! Join the ENDO Protocol!

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