Good flight: civil aviation on the Blockchain and ENDO Workflow

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Airport is a huge adjusted mechanism that is constantly in motion. Blockchain is a powerful technological trend that optimizes regular and regulated processes. Civil aviation consists of regular processes, more than any other sphere, starting from aircraft maintenance to agreeing on a flight plan. Excess time is an unacceptable luxury in the aviation, therefore the actions of people controlling a huge aircraft traffic flow are strictly regulated.

Air traffic controllers are responsible for a compiling of a daily flight plan and coordinating it with the services and colleagues from other airports. Technical personnel is responsible for refueling the newly arrived aircraft, checking it for any malfunctions, and in case of a breakage, sending it to the repairs. This event should be reported to a huge number of chiefs, and each must make adjustments to the nearest flight plans. Repairmen should regularly report on the progress of work, and pilots – to know where and when they fly out.

ENDO Workflow can significantly reduce the labor of staff by simplifying the control of processes. Blokchain’s technology allows to provide unprecedented speed, reliability and simplicity of interaction of many different parties. ENDO Workflow captures information in a distributed ledger, that enables network members to immediately notify the others of any changes. As a result, the work of the airport departments may become more synchronized and more efficient. Distortion or data change is completely excluded, since Blockchain is stored decentrally on a number of devices, and all the information is encrypted.

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