How Blockchain will help making movies

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Today Blockchain is not used in the film industry very often. There are some solutions for logistics, but this is only a small part of what this technology is really capable of.

Many film producers around the world are confident that the key point for Blockchain adoption by the industry is the creation of a working product. Then the benefits of Blockchain will become obvious to the community and it will become a popular filmmaking tool. This is especially true for those producers who are limited in budgets and shoot independent films. They are the first ones who need a platform for testing the technology. And this can be tested on ENDO Protocol.

ENDO Protocol can organize a fully transparent production of the picture. The platform will reflect all the funds’ movements, while access to any documents will be instantaneous . As soon as the film is ready, Blockchain will help him to monetize. At the postproduction stage and after the picture is released, viewers can be rewarded with tokens that they can exchange for bonus content.

Control over production, optimization of the shooting process, viewers attraction – only Blockchain gives such opportunities in just one platform.

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