Inside the ENDO Protocol

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Dear Friends!

We have told you a lot about what ENDO Protocol can do if applied to different areas of our life. The fact that you no longer need packs of paper documents, that all your data will be safely stored and will never be lost, that you will keep full control over it and will be able to share your data whenever and whoever you want.

We told you that using ENDO Protocol can save time, energy and help to have steady nerves. It also defeats dishonesty, fraud and abuse of authority, which are due to centralization.

We told you about what ensures the absence of a single control body in our protocol – about the Delegated Proof-of-Stake algorithm, which is the most advanced.

But we haven’t told you about one very important thing. We did not explain how our protocol works from the inside. This can’t be described in a couple of words, that’s why we made a video, where we tried to show and explain as simple as possible how everything is arranged inside the ENDO Protocol.

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