Join our trip to Seoul at the Beyond Blocks Summit 2018!

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At the Beyond Blocks summit all the leading-edge innovations were within reach. When we listened to the world famous speakers, the thought leaders of Blockchain space, our team had the same feeling – that here the future has already come and the Blockchain has conquered the world. When you write or speak about it, it’s totally different from being there and witnessing everything yourself. It was a beautiful new world, so it came as no surprise, that Seoul Blockchain Week was a big push for our networking activities.

It was a great honor for us to get to know Tim Lewis from the DNA fund, world’s largest cryptoasset investing community. This is a strategic partner with the deepest experience of analyzing projects and applying Blockchain to the world markets. We are extremely pleased that we managed to interest Tim with ENDO Protocol and agreed to meet again to discuss further partnership. Besides DNA we got to know many other funds and partners who asked us about our project. Further negotiations are already on the schedule.

We also met with members of many intriguing Blockchain start-ups. We would like to highlight especially one of them, Emurgo, and his representative Alex Hayashi. Just as ENDO Protocol, Emurgo believes that in a few years Blockchain will become as much an integral part of our life as the internet. We definitely go one way, Emurgo! Apart from the new friends, we were also very happy to see the old ones whom we had met on our last visit to Seoul.

After speeches and events, everyone moved to after parties. There were several of them and each took place in different venue. We never forgot the purposes of our visit – building links and finding strategic partner – that’s why we tried to attend as many parties as possible. What was especially pleasant, many people has already knew ENDO Protocol, so we could enter even the private ones.

This sense of community with the world’s Blockchain space is what causes our hearts to beat more often. And Beyond Blocks summit is, perhaps, the best event we’ve ever attended. The finishing was particularly good. We decided to organize our own White Party. There we gathered our old friends – members of Bitmain, the largest Chinese mining farms manufacturer, top managers of crypto exchange Okex and many others. But later we found out, that the party is full of people who we don’t know personally, but they know us and want to get acquainted!

It was a very pleasant summit finality. To be recognized by our colleagues is the greatest award.

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