Journalism and Blockchain: freedom of speech, no one can cancel

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Another proof that Blockchain is a revolutionary technology: US journalists decided to use a decentralized network to become a base for the new type media, free from the censorship and dictation.

A quote: “The blockchain’s immutable nature makes it next to impossible for anyone including governments, corporations, billionaires, to be able to essentially hack the blockchain and change some fact or record or information in the past….Sometimes journalism is referred to as the first draft of history. By using something like blockchain, we can imprint the first draft of history into a permanent and immutable archive”

This task was made for ENDO Protocol. Verification of articles, reports and interviews is technically no different from document verification. Therefore, using our SDK, a small developers’ team is able to write a program or an interface organizing not only workflow, but also the principles of decentralized verification.

As the journalist finishes the article, he instantly shares it with the editor, who reads and approves the text. But that’s just the first step. Also, the heroes of publications and departments’ representatives will be able to verify the facts and citations. After the article receives approves from every chain of participants, the text is being sent to the decentralized ENDO Protocol storage.

Articles monetize themselves. A reader needs to send some ENDO tokens to the author or the media beforу he can read the full version. The web portal like this, due to the reliable information and free authors’ competition, would become a clear example of independent journalism and a door to the world of high technologies. As for medias, which area is modern technological solutions, this can be a way to keep up with the times.

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