Our journey continues: Seoul, South Korea

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After our journey in Tokyo, we arrived in Seoul on Thursday June 28th. We nearly missed the plane, because we were exhausted, but after landing in the capital of South Korea we found strength to watch the game, where Korea defeated Germany. That was considered as a good sign, after then we fell into dead sleep.

The next day we were invited to the convention called Blockchain Open Forum. That went very well, but what was after went even better – we found ourselves on a party with a lots of famous people. There was Brock Pierce, that well-known actor who now acts for Ethereum. That night we made all sorts of friends.

Then Saturday night we were too tired to go out to the after party again. Besides, we needed to develop our future strategy and set up new plans for Korean market (btw our videos from Korea comming soon, subscribe to our YouTube channel not to miss it!).

Sunday was a day of official meeting with a group of guys from a company called Kyodo. This was a pretty intense meeting with talks including the transferring part of our stake in ENDO Asia Operations. After fruitful negotiations, we were invited to an awesome Korean BBQ dinner. We also had two investor meetings that day, that took place in a beautiful hotel on the third floor with a balcony overlooking the main lobby with marble everything and art on the wall.

The next morning, we were ready for another convention, where we got acquainted with the YAP company. The app and services are really convenient – they seek and find the discount coupons for you, keep your cards, both payment and discount, provide information about parking lots, cafes, hospitals etc. So the meeting with YAP was very efficient and we definitely managed to find points of contact.

Summarizing the Korean adventures.
During the journey you learn a lot about yourself. During our trip we realized that certain things we do well (pitching, investor meetings/dinners) others we don’t (random surprise parties, especially when there’s one after another). The good news is that tomorrow is meetings. So hopefully we’ll shine again and radiate the positive energy!

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