Pay with a fingerprint? Yes, if it’s Blockchain

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Blockchain technology of paying with a fingerprint currently is under testing in Japan. To participate in testing, the buyer must register the account for coupons and biometric data that will be stored in Blockchain in encrypted form. The Blockchain thus will act as a storage of coupons, and fingerprints will act as validators for activation the coupons after a biometric check.

With this system, the store will be able to identify the buyer and exclude any fraud, theft or even robbery by its employees. Being a node in a decentralized network, the store will carry out all the calculations and securely store updates in Blockchain.

The ENDO Protocol platform has ready-made solutions that allow to develop such project today anywhere. ENDO KYC app can be quickly upgraded for reading biometrics and used when shopping in stores and in other places. Potentially the Blockchain can become a universal passport, allowing to identify any registered person.

When processing the workflow of large companies and enterprises, the ENDO Protocol has to continually exchange docs, tokens, multi-signatures, and smart contracts. The coupon system perfectly complements the scope of the ENDO Protocol implementations and allow Blockchain to simplify another area of daily life.

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