Smart electrification by ENDO Protocol

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Blockchain technology is once again the focus of world attention. The new cooperation of the city bodies and Blockchain-startup was established in USA, aimed to open the market of renewable energy sources to smaller enterprises.

PJM Interconnection, a major US electricity distribution company that serves 13 states and provides electricity to more than 65 million citizens, made a decision to help smaller distributors to become part of the renewable energy market with the help of Blockchain.

The blockchain-based system will not only provide a transparent way of tracking the process of renewable energy supply chains, but also allow to link buyers and sellers. It is important to notice, that wind and solar energy will also be monitored by the system. The company is looking forward for the technology to optimize the processes and, as a result, save the money.

ENDO Protocol can also serve as a smart electricity distribution system. The world’s population is growing and this trend will only increase. Without a well-established supply chain and proper workflow of power plants, it will be difficult to illuminate the entire planet.

But with ENDO Protocol everything becomes possible. Clean and renewable energy, information about production and consumption, updated in real time. Full control of all energy lines and plants, a transparent usage picture, money savings, the ability to channel excess electricity for good needs, – these are only a few of the benefits that ENDO Protocol can deliver.

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