The ENDO Protocol in Tokyo

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On June 26, one of the most important and, of course, major events in the global blockchain industry took place in Tokyo – JBC TOKYO 2018.

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Major IT industry representatives from all over the world gathered all together in Japan. During these two days, lots of developers, representatives of the largest companies, visited the event as well as a large number of investors who are looking for promising projects and are ready to develop them comprehensively.

We did it! The ENDO Blockchain Protocol team successfully presented our product to potential business partners, investors, representatives of various IT industries. We established lots of promising partnerships, held a series of closed meetings. We can announce that the largest crypto community in Japan – Crypto Japan and also the CEO of the Japanese division of SAP is among our potential partners.

After the closure of the public part, the ENDO Protocol team held a number of private meetings, discussed the future of the product and our plans to expand the company on different international markets.

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