The ocean will be cleaner thanks to Blockchain

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In Haiti, an organization for ocean’s pollution reduction launched a Blockchain platform that encourages people in developing coastal countries to collect plastic. In return, the platform offers rewards, in particular, medical services and even education.

About eight million tons of plastic waste are released into the oceans every year. The decentralized network keeps records of the collected garbage of each person who has accessed the platform, where he has a wallet, where the tokens are charged, which can be immediately used to pay for goods or services directly on the platform. The head of the organization said that the system “ensures that the right person receives the right amount at the right time.”

The company has been working in Haiti since 2015 and since then has managed to collect more than 100 million plastic bottles. This project is remarkable that Blockchain helps to fight not only pollution, but also poverty.

On the basis of ENDO Protocol it is possible to organize the next steps of the plastic reduction process – the recycling of products. After being reworked, the plastic can be marked with a QR code or an NFC chip, so that a new buyers can always know where it comes from. A simple mobile app will help to scan the code and show the records in decentralized network to the consumer.

Another area of use for ENDO Protocol is the recycled plastic market. One can buy instantly or conclude smart contracts with suppliers, which execute the phased payments or other conditions. Any consumer can help the whole process by simply buying memorable souvenirs from an organization for ocean pollution reduction.

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