What is ENDO Workflow, what’s the use and what are the benefits?

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Companies around the world create the volumes of documentation, that grow every year. The more the company and the production develops, the more data it accumulates. At the same time, labor productivity increases constantly, but the productivity of workflow management stays mostly the same.

The usual problems of modern workflow include the bureaucracy of the departments, a large number of inspecting agencies, as well as employees’ ignorance and non-compliance with legal requirements for the processing of documents. This leads to the fact that the documents are being double-checked, that creates new documents. And if the deadlines for assignments or contracts are missed, there appear new documents, such as reports, requests etc. Nevertheless, subordinates are being forced to apply for the permits on literally every occasion, that slows down the process even more.

The ENDO Workflow is the key to these problems. Imagine a software interface, that integrates with SAP or similar software and able to get from it all the necessary data, making the electronic and paper workflow much easier, still maintaining the highest security standards. The very first Blockchain’s architecture principle – decentralization – makes it impossible to add data retroactively and the block structure of the network ensures transparency of the investigation in case of an error or a violation of rules.

One can verify documents online using digital signatures, electronic keys and other technologies that make the request of physical presence or printing a paper copy obsolete. This approach greatly simplifies the workflow, providing quick access to information without any paperwork and allowing one to instantly process requests.

ENDO Workflow automatically tracks and records changes in the data status, that gives the business new opportunities. For example, the manufacturer of milk, that sends products to the store, will be able to know the concrete time when the goods were delivered. At the next stage, Blockchain will track the data on products demand and hint which of the products better meet the consumers’ needs. It will be possible to organize the supply the way that will keep products fresh or, conversely, to be able to meet the increased demand. And in the nearest perspective Blockchain is even able to facilitate interaction with customs, because it makes the authenticity and legality of the goods easy and quick to check.

Our technology is extremely convenient for the procedure of customer identification and confirmation of access rights. Decentralization and multiple identity verification tools make it possible to provide customers with a digital identity that can be used for identification on other services.

Ultimately, the use of ENDO Workflow will provide the broad control over data and data access, while the distributed structure of the system helps to achieve a high level of trust between the parties without intermediaries.

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