Wine and Blockchain: a flavor of a new features and an aftertaste of success

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According to the data, 20% of wine worldwide has counterfeit labelling. Blockchain platform is the only solution that can directly connect wine consumers with manufacturers and eliminate allegedly fraudulent intermediaries. Perhaps that is why the wine industry is now actively implementing this technology.

This week Israel-based blockchain platform for the wine lovers announced that it will provide clear data on the entire supply chain, including the origin of the product. In May, it became known that China began testing a decentralized platform for verifying wine bottle supply chains, since at least half of the expensive wines consumed in China appeared to be fakes. In September, the largest supermarket network in Netherlands started using Blockchain to establish an industrial chain and supply of orange juices. The system will verify and store data related to product quality and its manufacturer, as well as information about the fruits themselves.

Now it’s only a matter of time when the rest of the wine and juice manufacturers switch to Blockchain. The benefits of this solution are obvious and only one thing can still keep from its implementation: possible inconvenience and a need to learn how to use the new technology. However, if a company chooses to implement ENDO Protocol, the transitional period will be quick and simple! Managing ENDO Protocol is no more difficult than managing an application in a smartphone, because ENDO Protocol runs by simple apps:

1) With ENDO Documents all the documents will always be signed and delivered;

2) With ENDO KYC only verified suppliers and resellers will be available for collaboration;

3) With ENDO Legacy any customer will be able to instantly scan the QR code or NFC chip and learn all the data on goods.

ENDO’s infrastructure allows to monitor, control and verify a variety of agricultural parameters, as well as the delivery and factory processes. Blockchain solution is not only convenient and transparent, it brings a brand new type of market relations that can replace international intermediary networks that work to keep personal relations, rather than to create quality products.

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